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" Dr. Son and his staff always provide a thorough and comfortable experience in what can be an uncomfortable circumstance-dentistry! He has great knowledge and integrity and cares for the whole person, not just teeth. "

Richard B.
" Dr. Son is such a great dentist! He is very patient and kind and his staff is so friendly and compassionate. My last dentist could not numb my mouth and would get upset with me, but Dr. Son uses more advanced technology with a type of drip and also figured out why I wasn't numbing. I love that he uses ozone water and understands the whole body connection to the teeth through Naturopathy. My teeth look great, which is the bottom line. I personally don't like going to the dentist, but Dr. Son and his staff have helped me through this and made it a more positive experience. I highly recommend Dr. Son and his staff to anyone looking for a dentist! "

Nancy A.
" I appreciate Dr.Sons knowledge, experience and sensitivity to arrive at a place in his career where he is breaking with tradition in dentistry to really serve the whole patient, and the holistic approach to each person. "

Richard B.
" Dr. Son is not your typical dentist! Loved his approach, whole-body understanding of how the teeth and dental health affect overall health (especially autoimmune). I appreciated that the initial consult was thorough with plenty of time for questions & some education. Very much looking forward to coming back and referring friends/patients! Thank you!! "

Stephanie B.
" Doctor Son and his staff are "TRUE PROFESSIONALS" on every level. EVERY aspect of my experience while in his clinic was actually quite pleasurable. I had six hours of work done and had a ton of mercury removed. I drove from Encinitas (San Diego) to Irvine based on the recommendation of top holistic practitioner from Los Angeles. I have been in the Medical Industry for twenty three years, so I do know what I am talking about. I was extremely comfortable during my entire procedure. I think I feel asleep at some point during the second procedure. I was so comfortable, relaxed and experienced NO PAIN. Even the day after...nothing, no pain or the slightest discomfort. And remember...I had a lot of work done. I was surprised when Dr. Son personally called me the day after checking on me because I didn't even think it was necessary, but he did. I felt great! It was such a pleasure working with Dr. Son and his entire staff. I will continue to see Dr. Son for hygiene and check ups. I feel like I am in very very good hands under Dr. Son's roof. THANK YOU Dr. Son! "

Jeff G.
"Dr. Son is the absolute best at making sure you feel ZERO pain. His numbing process is the equivalent of breathing. You just don't know when the process has started and then your gums are numb. So True! Thankfully, I have good teeth but about 12 years ago my gums were receding.
I had the procedure done to fix the problem, it included stitches, very uncomfortable. Well, they were receding again; I needed to have them treated. I asked what his treatment was, I didn't want tissue taken from the roof of my mouth; more stitches. He told me he does a procedure that will not allow my gums to ever recede again. No stitches! When I was in the chair for the procedure, I asked Dr. Son if it was going to hurt (I don't think about those kind of things until the moment arrives), I never felt the injections to numb my mouth AND after the procedure my mouth was just a little sore for a couple of days .
That's it! Dr. Son uses oxygen with his procedures which definitely speeds up the healing process. He is on top of the latest technology looking for the finest methods to treat his patients. My husband has been going through Dr. Son for extensive treatment over the last few years; I think he feels like he is a part of their family. The staff is wonderful, very kind and professional. Terry, Office Manager is an absolute doll, I look forward to seeing her. We live in Corona but we will always drive to Irvine for the best dentist treatment(s) anyone could expect.
I highly recommend them!! "

Vicki A.
"Dr. Son is a very skilled and knowledgeable dentist. Better yet, he is friendly and you can tell he cares. His staff all made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. From the moment I came in for my first visit 4 years ago I knew I had found a great office that I could count on for my dental care."

Joe M.
"What will likely matter most to people, Dr. Son is the absolute best at making sure you feel ZERO pain. His numbing process is the equivalent of breathing. You just don't know when the process has started and then your gums are numb. Sounds too good to be true. That's the feeling I get every single time I go through the process.

Dr. Son is very patient and genuinely gives off a positive comforting energy.

I've been maybe 7 times and each time I leave grateful."

Scott R.
"I've been a patient of Dr Son and his team for 10 years - and I can't see myself ever wanting to find another dentist. Dr son and his team are always professional, always on time and the experience of perfection is bar none."

Duane V.H.
"We have been going to this dentist for many years and have always had a great experience. They are professional and kind and always get the job done. The technicians are really gentle with your teeth and nice to talk with. We will be coming back!"

Joseph G.
"Always a pleasant experience! I've had my wisdom teeth taken out here, and I've also had implants done, and of course routine cleanings. Dr. Son and his staff make you feel at home when I usually get anxiety from visiting other dentists. I actually look forward to visiting Dr. Son and his staff for my routine cleanings!"

Alex H.
"What an amazing office and an amazing group of people!"

Janice C.
"I have been a Dr. Son fan for about 5 years. I have had a lot of dental work in my life and so I feel like I’m a bit of a Dental Expert. Dr. Son is the best. I like the way he explains things to me so that I really understand “why.” His office is very professional and yet everyone there is so friendly and helpful, I always feel like I’m visiting my friends. It’s not the kind of office where you sign in and take a seat. They know me when I walk in and they really make me feel like I’m the only one there, lots of personal attention. I’ve sent my family and some of my friends to his office and they are fans as well."

"I went to Dr. Son as a new patient. I was kind of worried because I had not been to the Dentist in quite some time. I knew that I needed a dental cleaning in addition to some rather extensive dental treatment. Dr. Son went over all of my options for treatment with me. He was very thorough. Dava was so helpful and supportive. Dava took time to make sure that all of my concerns and questions were answered by the Dr. and my Hygienist. I had some gum issues due to the fact that I had not had my teeth cleaned in over 2 years. Dr. Son and his team started in on my treatment right away, restoring my gums to a healthy condition. Dava assisted me in applying for CareCredit, a program that is interest free upto 12 months. This is great because I can divide my costs in to 12 monthly payments and not have to postpone my necessary dental treatment. I found Dr. Son and his team to be caring, warm and friendly. Most of all they are a group of professionals committed to making a difference. I will recommend Dr. Son to everyone I know."

"What an amazing experience! Best exam and cleaning I have ever had. Every detailed and everything was explained as they went. The entire staff was friendly and said Hi, and made my experience comfortable! Totally different from any other office!"

"Even getting a cavity filled was painless! Dr. Son, in my opinion, is the most up-to-date and best dentist I have ever visited!"

Doug N.
Dr. David Son

Dr. David Son - Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. David Son brings a wealth of experience gained over two decades as a top biological dentist to our practice in Irvine, CA. He is recognized as an exceptional dentist due to his expertise and qualifications, among which is training in biological dentistry from Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Switzerland: Dr. Son is one of the few dentists in California to have been trained at this prestigious biological dentistry institute. His expertise benefits patients who are seeking advanced biological dental treatments from a dentist dedicated to excellence.