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Sedation Dentistry Irvine

Sedation Irvine CA Oral health is intimately linked to every aspect of physical and emotional wellness. Yet, countless people avoid dental care due to anxiety. David Son DDS in Irvine offers the option of gentle sedation to help fearful patients find a path to oral wellness.

When is sedation a good choice?

Sedation dentistry helps individuals with mild apprehension take the first step – make an initial appointment. Just knowing that they can feel calm before, during, and after an appointment encourages those with severe dental phobia to get the care they need.

Sedation dentistry can also be helpful in these situations:
  • Extensive work – It lets your jaw and body relax for a lengthy procedure. The dentist works efficiently, and you heal more quickly.
  • Multiple treatments – Several procedures can be completed at one appointment, reducing travel and missed work time.
  • Active gag reflex – Soothes the sensation of hands and instruments in your mouth.
  • Physical or cognitive limitations – For those patients who cannot otherwise sit for the duration of an appointment.

Sedation to suit every patient

  • Nitrous oxide – Pleasantly-scented gas is inhaled through a face mask, producing immediate relaxation. You remain conscious, and the effect wears off immediately so you can drive. This is a good choice for patients who fear needles.
  • Oral conscious sedation – With this prescription pill you are awake, but calm and unconcerned about treatment. Grogginess persists for a little while, so plan to have someone drive you.
  • IV sedation – A bit deeper level of relaxation than with an oral medication, but you still breathe on your own and can respond to verbal cues. Upon request, Dr. Son arranges for an anesthesiologist to administer and monitor IV sedation, so that he may fully focus on treatment.
Get your oral health back on track with sedation dentistry from David Son DDS in Irvine. Call (949) 565-4929.

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Dr. David Son

Dr. David Son - Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. David Son brings a wealth of experience gained over two decades as a top biological dentist to our practice in Irvine, CA. He is recognized as an exceptional dentist due to his expertise and qualifications, among which is training in biological dentistry from Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Switzerland: Dr. Son is one of the few dentists in California to have been trained at this prestigious biological dentistry institute. His expertise benefits patients who are seeking advanced biological dental treatments from a dentist dedicated to excellence.