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Porcelain Crowns Irvine CA Damaged and missing teeth take a toll on your appearance and enjoyment of one of life’s basic pleasures – eating! At David Son DDS in Irvine, CA, you get restorations with a healthy difference. The materials used in our porcelain crowns and dental bridges are aligned with your unique biology.

The versatile crown

A dental crown is a hollow cap, cemented over a prepared tooth or implant abutment. Crowns have many uses in dentistry:
  • Restore a tooth with a large area of decay or trauma.
  • Strengthen a tooth that is brittle from root canal therapy.
  • Finish a dental implant to replace a missing tooth.
  • For cosmetic enhancement of discoloration, or unusual shape or size.
  • Anchor a dental bridge securely.

Bridging a gap

A dental bridge holds up to three artificial teeth, to close the space left by missing ones. Crowns at each end of the bridge are cemented onto existing teeth to hold the unit in place. A bridge requires a little extra flossing to keep gums and surrounding teeth healthy. However, it is a sound alternative for those who do not want dental implants or a partial denture.

Biocompatible materials

Modern dental ceramics are incredibly strong and durable. Today, most patients prefer them to metal restorations. However, it is important to know that there is not just one type of dental ceramic – there are dozens! Some dentists have a favorite material for crowns and bridges, and many dental labs have a “go-to” product.

Dr. Son believes your smile and your health deserve restorations that are compatible with your body. He performs an extra step – materials testing – to determine which type of porcelain or other material, will blend best with your personal physiology.

Are you ready for this level of personalized care? Call David Son DDS in Irvine at (949) 565-4929 to become a patient.

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