Dental Fillings Irvine

Dental Fillings Irvine CA While cavities are common, most people would rather not broadcast a history of tooth decay with every smile. Irvine biological dentist, Dr. David Son, provides discreet tooth-colored dental fillings... with a healthy advantage.

The truth about silver fillings

Silver-colored amalgam fillings are quite noticeable. They also hide an ugly truth – they are made of about 50 percent mercury, a potent neurotoxin.

Dr. Son does not place amalgam fillings. He uses safe composite resin materials. Additional benefits of this restoration method include:
  • They are undetectable in the smile.
  • Free of BPAs.
  • Conservative – less tooth structure must be removed.
  • Strong, durable, and stain resistant.
  • Composite fillings expand and contract at a rate similar to natural tooth structure for less chance of cracked teeth requiring expensive dental work in the future.
  • Resin is kind to the opposing tooth.

Removing amalgam fillings

Many people are becoming aware of the appearance and health benefits of tooth-colored fillings, or their old amalgam fillings are falling apart. At the patient’s request, Dr. Son will safely remove “mercuries,” and replace them with composite.

Mercury vapor is released each time you bite down or grind on an amalgam filling, or when it is subject to friction. Simply grinding an amalgam filling out releases more toxic vapor. Dr. Son adheres to guidelines of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology to minimize risk to the patient, dental staff, and environment.

This technique includes:
  • Powerful ventilation to evacuate airborne vapor.
  • Medical grade oxygen administered to the patient through a mask.
  • A dam to isolate the tooth being treated.
  • Special liquid sprayed in the mouth to be sure all mercury leaks are located.
With healthy dental fillings from David Son DDS in Irvine, your smile will get noticed for all the right reasons. Call (949) 565-4929 to become a new patient.

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