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Cosmetic Dentistry Irvine

Cosmetic Dentistry Irvine CA Did you know that humans naturally gravitate toward a bright smile with straight teeth? It’s instinctive! To early cultures, a healthy smile meant you ate well – a strong hunter and gatherer, and thus a good potential mate. Today, we simply appreciate the symmetry and beauty of a white, even smile. If you weren’t gifted with a great smile naturally, don’t despair. Cosmetic dentistry services from David Son DDS in Irvine, CA create memorable smiles.

Form that follows function

This familiar phrase originated in architecture, meaning that the shape of a building should be based on its purpose. Our practice adheres to that philosophy in dentistry – the attractive appearance of your smile must be based on a foundation of healthy functionality. We address dental issues before recommending any cosmetic treatment.

Once your mouth is in good condition, we get started on a customized treatment plan to meet your aesthetic goals. Dr. Son listens carefully to your concerns, and prioritizes care based on your unique goals, physiology, time constraints, and budget.

Beauty with benefits

David Son DDS is a biological dental practice. Any restorative or cosmetic treatment is performed with the safest available materials and techniques. For example, Dr. Son takes time for an extra step – materials testing. A simple blood test determines the compatibility to your body of well over 100 materials used in dental treatments.

This information helps him recommend cosmetic treatments that look great without compromising wellness, such as:
  • Bleach-free teeth whitening.
  • Tooth colored composite fillings and bonding that is free of BPAs.
  • Invisalign, a metal-free alternative to traditional orthodontics.
  • Biocompatible non-metal crowns, inlays, onlays, and bridges.
  • Dental veneers.
  • Zirconia dental implants.
Please browse this website to learn more about the cosmetic dentistry services available at our Irvine practice. Then call David Son DDS at (949) 565-4929 to schedule a consultation.

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Why They Choose Us

Dr. David Son

Dr. David Son - Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. David Son brings a wealth of experience gained over two decades as a top biological dentist to our practice in Irvine, CA. He is recognized as an exceptional dentist due to his expertise and qualifications, among which is training in biological dentistry from Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Switzerland: Dr. Son is one of the few dentists in California to have been trained at this prestigious biological dentistry institute. His expertise benefits patients who are seeking advanced biological dental treatments from a dentist dedicated to excellence.