Ceramic dental implants are used for tooth replacement in Irvine, CA

Ceramic dental implants, David Son, DDS, Irvine CA Saving the natural tooth is a dentist's goal, as is preserving the health of the jawbone and the whole patient. When problems arise leading to tooth loss, the goal is to maintain the health of the rest of the oral cavity. Patients in Irvine, CA, have turned to Dr. David Son for ceramic dental implants.

The purpose of a dental implant

In dentistry, an implant is a post or cylinder that is surgically inserted into the jaw and is used for tooth replacement. It gives stability and support to dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, or dentures to replace missing teeth. Aesthetically speaking, topping an implant with a ceramic or porcelain crown gives the appearance of a natural tooth. Functionally, the patient regains the ability to eat and speak normally, the teeth stay in place, and the jawbone maintains its integrity. Benefits of dental implants include the following:
  • A single tooth or multiple teeth can be replaced using implants.
  • A level of security and stability is found with implants that is not found with other restorations on their own.
  • That stability allows the restoration to feel more like a natural tooth.
  • With placement directly into the jawbone, an implant mimics a tooth root to stimulate the bone and keep it from deteriorating.

The biocompatible difference

Dr. Son believes in protecting and treating the whole patient. This includes selecting materials that are safe for the body. Titanium dental implants are the conventional choice for tooth replacement. However, Dr. Son often recommends zirconia dental implants as a metal-free option. Using ceramic dental implants ensures an aesthetically pleasing result that seldom has negative patient reactions. The body accepts materials that are biocompatible with little irritation or side effects.

Each patient is unique and needs individualized treatment. During your appointments with Dr. Son, procedures and materials are selected based on your personal needs. Material testing is performed to ensure the materials used are best suited for each patient as incompatible materials can lead to additional health issues.

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