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Straightening your teeth using Invisalign orthodontics with Irvine, CA dentist

Straightening Your Teeth with Invisalign in Irvine CA area

Imagine straightening your teeth without metal bracket and wire braces. Imagine feeling confident while your teeth are gradually repositioned. Imagine achieving the smile you’ve always wanted without a single visit to an orthodontist’s office. If you live in Irvine, CA area and are interested in straightening your teeth, we encourage you to request an appointment with Dr. David Son today to learn more about Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment alternative to traditional orthodontics. This method of realigning the smile is done with a series of clear, removable, and customized aligners that are created using 3D computer imaging software. Patients wear the aligner tray over the natural teeth to gently move the teeth into proper alignment. Patients work their way through the entire series, with each tray worn for approximately two weeks. The results are amazing!

What are the benefits of using Invisalign orthodontics?

What are the benefits of using Invisalign orthodontics in Irvine CA area

When patients consider Invisalign in Irvine, CA with Dr. David Son, they will enjoy a more straightforward, more comfortable orthodontic experience. Dr. David Son encourages patients to learn about some of the outstanding advantages that Invisalign orthodontics provide:

  • Discreet appearance. Many patients love having the chance to enhance their smiles with clear plastic trays instead of traditional brackets and wires covering the smile. This discreet look is often the primary reason patients consider Invisalign.
  • Comfort. With traditional braces, many patients experience soreness on the inside of the mouth from the brackets rubbing against them. Instead, Invisalign uses smooth, clear aligners that will not irritate the mouth.
  • No restrictions. Conventional braces require patients to avoid many of their favorite foods and snacks, such as popcorn and taffy. With Invisalign, the trays can be removed, and patients can enjoy all their favorite foods without having to worry about broken or lost brackets!
  • Improved oral hygiene. Because Invisalign trays are removed for brushing and flossing, patients often have better oral health than those with traditional braces. Brackets and wires can be difficult to work around, causing traditional orthodontic patients to have an increased risk of periodontal disease and tooth decay.
  • No hobby restrictions. Sometimes, braces can impact one’s hobbies. For example, someone who plays a wind instrument may have to relearn how to shape their mouth while playing. Athletic patients will have to take extra caution when playing high-impact sports to reduce the risk of damage to their teeth. Invisalign aligner trays are removable, improving overall convenience for the patient.

Who is a candidate for Invisalign orthodontics?

Who is a candidate for Invisalign orthodontics in Irvine CA area

Irvine, CA area patients who want to improve the alignment of their smiles may want to find out if they are a candidate for treatment. During an initial consultation, Dr. David Son will evaluate the patient and determine if they can benefit from this service. In most situations, patients with a healthy smile and mild to moderate misalignment of the teeth can use Invisalign. It is also vital that patients understand that their compliance will affect the outcome of treatment. Patients who do not wear their aligner trays as directed may experience additional costs and extended time to achieve the results they desire.

How are Invisalign trays made?

The Invisalign laboratory is responsible for creating a series of aligner trays for a patient. Dr. David Son will take digital impressions that are conveyed to a computer and sent off to the Invisalign laboratory. The laboratory will determine the final alignment needed and create a series of aligners that take patients to their dream smile! Within a week or so, the aligners are ready for patients at the dental office. Patients schedule an appointment to visit our practice and speak with their dentist about how to use and care for their trays. With just a few follow-up appointments, many patients transform their smiles within a year!

Schedule your no-obligation assessment today!

Dr. David Son and the team of professionals in Irvine, CA are ready to offer Invisalign. Find out if you are a candidate by working with our dental staff. To make an appointment, call (949) 565-4929 and visit us at 17875 Von Karman, Suite #410. Our practice accepts new patients and families seeking comprehensive dental care, including general, cosmetic, and restorative solutions.

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