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Dentist in Irvine, CA providing answers to commonly asked questions regarding porcelain dental bridges

what are the porcelain dental bridges and available treatment near me at Irvine, CA

When you are missing teeth in your smile, both your appearance and the function of your bite will be affected. When you are missing a tooth that is visible to others, you may find yourself hiding your smile. If you are looking for a porcelain dental bridge option that takes your unique biology into account, look no further than Dr. David Son DDS in Irvine, CA.

A dental bridge is installed with the purpose of filling in a gap in your smile where you have missing teeth. Dental bridges are typically meant for gaps where just a few teeth are missing and you will need healthy teeth on either side of the gap to support the bridge. If you have a tooth or teeth that can be saved without extraction, a dental crown may be a better option. Let us look at some common questions patients ask about dental bridges.

Is There Any Pain?

If you are wondering about pain associated with getting a dental bridge, there is no need to worry. There is no pain associated with getting a dental bridge. It is a non-invasive procedure, but some local anesthesia may be used in the event of discomfort for the patient.

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Will a Dental Bridge Affect My Normal Bite?

Again, the simple answer is no. A bridge and crown which serve as the replacement for your missing teeth will function just as your normal teeth do. Your ability to eat, drink, swallow, and chew will not be affected by having a crown and bridge in place. Since you are replacing missing teeth, the function of your teeth should actually improve!

Is a Dental Bridge Durable?

You can expect a dental bridge with crowns to last between 5 to 15 years (or longer) with proper care. This part is the key. You need to treat your dental appliances just as you would your normal teeth. Brush, floss, and rinse twice daily (or more if directed by your dentist). With this care, you should see that your dental bridge is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Ask your dentist for tips on caring for your dental bridge and they will be able to provide you with great advice on prolonging the life of your bridge.

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Dr. David Son

Dr. David Son - Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. David Son brings a wealth of experience gained over two decades as a top biological dentist to our practice in Irvine, CA. He is recognized as an exceptional dentist due to his expertise and qualifications, among which is training in biological dentistry from Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Switzerland: Dr. Son is one of the few dentists in California to have been trained at this prestigious biological dentistry institute. His expertise benefits patients who are seeking advanced biological dental treatments from a dentist dedicated to excellence.