Learn about mercury safe dental care solutions with Irvine, CA area dentist

Mercury Safe Dental Care with Irvine Dentist

When patients in the area of Irvine, CA are interested in learning about dental care solutions, they may not be aware of the benefits of working with a professional for mercury safe treatments. Patients could be putting their health at risk whenever they undergo treatments with a dentist for silver amalgam fillings.

What is mercury?

Mercury is an element that is actually toxic to the human body. However, over the years, many dentists in Irvine, CA have used fillings called silver amalgam which are formulated with up to 50 percent mercury. These fillings are a serious concern, and many patients request to have them removed and replaced with safer alternatives once they discover the harm that can result with their placement. In addition to avoiding mercury, we also provide safe and effective removal and replacement.

What alternative is available?

At our practice, we use composite resin as a replacement for mercury fillings. Composite resin is:

  • More aesthetic – this filling is made with tooth-colored materials that are placed into the area of decay and is hardened, filed, and polished to look just like natural tooth enamel.
  • Safer – composite resin is not formulated with toxins such as mercury, and the material does not expand and contract with temperature changes to the degree that amalgam does. This ensures that bacteria cannot reenter the tooth once it has been placed.
  • Affordable – the cost of composite resin is comparable in cost to silver amalgam fillings without the risk of mercury toxicity.
  • Fast – composite resin fillings can be placed in just one appointment, allowing patients to go about their day!
  • Versatile – in addition to fillings, composite resin bonding can be used to repair chipped or cracked teeth, or even to fill gaps between teeth for aesthetic improvements.

Are you interested in mercury safe dental care?

Contact Dr. David Son and his team today to discuss this and many other dental solutions available for improving the health and beauty of the smile. Call (949) 565-4929 today to book an appointment at 13925 Yale Avenue, Suite 110 in Irvine, California. Our office is here to help, and is accepting new patients.


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