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Are You Looking for Mercury Filling Removal Near Irvine, CA? Dentist offering removal with all the safe protocols

Are You Looking for Mercury Filling Removal Near Irvine, CA Area? Dentist Offering Removal with All the Safe Protocols

While not as commonly used today, there was a time when mercury-containing amalgam fillings were the primary type of filling used for treating cavities. You don’t have to look too far in the past either. Amalgam fillings typically contained around 50% mercury, which is toxic to one’s health. If you have an amalgam filling that you are looking to have removed and are in the Irvine, CA area, Dr. David Son, DDS, would love to replace it with a biocompatible alternative. Mercury filling removal is cost-efficient and will provide you with long-term health benefits.

Any material containing more than 0 parts per billion of mercury is considered toxic. Since amalgam fillings contain around 50% mercury, it is essential to go to a dentist who will take all precautions required to ensure that you are perfectly safe during the removal.

What Are Some Important Things to Check Before Having Your Amalgam Fillings Removed?

Before having an amalgam filling removed, there are some things you will want to look into regarding the procedure. First, make sure your dentist has received proper training in removing amalgam fillings. Dr. Son has received such training and follows specific protocols in removing amalgam fillings that ensure patient and staff safety. Not all dentists have received such training so, even if you may have to travel longer than you would to the nearest dentist, it is worth it. Removing amalgam fillings needs to be performed in such a way so that none of the toxic metals contained in the amalgam can do you harm.

It is essential to make sure that the dentist you choose is a good fit for you. Not everybody holds the same views when it comes to holistic biological dentistry. It is always a good idea to call a dental office and discuss or ask questions to ensure that what the dentist offers aligns with your desires. Discuss what measures will be taken to ensure your safety in the removal of your amalgam fillings.

There are several precautions a dentist may take when removing an amalgam filling, including:

  • Using a rubber dam to ensure that the toxic metals being drilled out do not mix into your saliva and enter your bloodstream through the gums or swallowed.
  • Oxygen is provided for the patient to reduce the need to inhale airborne particles.
  • Removing the filling in chunks and minimizing drilling. Removing in larger pieces reduces the risk of smaller particles being ingested.
  • The use of a vacuum to trap and remove toxic particles.
  • Masks for the dentist performing the procedure as well as for any assistants in the room. It will prevent the inhalation of any mercury vapors. If the doctor performing the work does not care enough to protect themselves or their staff, chances are they may not take many precautions with the patient either.
  • They perform the procedure in an office with sufficient ventilation and a vacuum so that any mercury vapor is quickly removed and particles can be disposed of appropriately.

If you are interested in learning more about mercury filling removal and how it can benefit your health, schedule an appointment with Dr. David Son in Irvine, CA. To schedule an appointment, please call (949) 565-4929 today!

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