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Dental Fillings

Dentist in Irvine, CA is talking about why composite fillings have replaced metal amalgam fillings in recent years

why composite fillings have replaced metal amalgam filling and dental fillings treatment near me in Irvine CA

It used to be that, when it became time for a filling, you would walk away with a silver filling made of a combination of metals. These fillings are known as amalgam fillings. There has been a major pivot from this form of filling, and with good reason. Amalgam fillings can lead to health complications, the mercury contained within being the largest concern. Mercury is not good for the environment either, which is impacted when amalgam fillings are removed and disposed of. People all over the United States and even internationally, now get attractive composite dental fillings for cavities at … Continue reading

Learn about safe tooth filling solutions in the dental office without mercury in Irvine, CA

Safe Tooth Filling Dental Without Mercury in Irvine CA

Dental care in Irvine, California starts with a dentist who understands the importance of safe solutions. A biological dentist such as Dr. David Son provides quality care to patients in the area who are seeking dental care with their overall health in mind. Over the years, many dentists have used tooth fillings that are fabricated with mercury, a substance toxic to the human body. Instead, we encourage patients to come to our practice to learn about safe fillings without mercury through our dental facility. Purpose of fillings Fillings are used to address areas of the tooth where decay has occurred. … Continue reading

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