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Dentist in Irvine, CA is talking about why composite fillings have replaced metal amalgam fillings in recent years

why composite fillings have replaced metal amalgam filling and dental fillings treatment near me in Irvine CA

It used to be that, when it became time for a filling, you would walk away with a silver filling made of a combination of metals. These fillings are known as amalgam fillings. There has been a major pivot from this form of filling, and with good reason. Amalgam fillings can lead to health complications, the mercury contained within being the largest concern. Mercury is not good for the environment either, which is impacted when amalgam fillings are removed and disposed of. People all over the United States and even internationally, now get attractive composite dental fillings for cavities at Dr. David Son, DDS. Dr. Son has provided quality and dependable composite fillings to countless patients, and with consistently superior results.

Top Reasons for the Decline of Metal Amalgam Fillings

The biggest reason many patients avoid or remove their amalgam fillings is the mercury contained within this form of filling. Mercury can create health issues in people of all ages. A buildup of mercury in a person’s body can negatively affect organs, both internal and external. Mercury can lead to health issues, including:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Memory Loss

Because of this (and more), dentists all around the world have switched from amalgam fillings to composite resin fillings. Composite resin is biocompatible, meaning that your body will not have a negative reaction to the materials which make up the composite resin.

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Appearance is another big reason patients now prefer composite fillings over amalgam. As amalgam fillings consist of various metals, they stand out starkly against the natural look of your teeth. This makes them incredibly visible whenever your mouth is open wide, such as when you laugh or eat. Nobody wants that unsightly metal look, which has led to a demand in composite resin fillings.

Knowing the negative effects of metal amalgam in your mouth, you would probably like to know more about the benefits offered by composite dental fillings. Dr. David Son, DDS and his staff in Irvine, CA would love to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. David Son, DDS for any reason, please call (949) 565-4929.

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