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Biological Dentistry

Are you searching for a biological dentist in my area Irvine, CA? Dr. David Son, DDS, welcomes new patients!

Are You Searching for a 'Biological Dentist in My Area Irvine, CA'? Dr. David Son, DDS, Welcomes New Patients!

Biological dentistry, also referred to as holistic dentistry or natural dentistry, is becoming increasingly popular with patients. With so many individuals in the United States becoming more health-conscious, the alternative solutions which biological dentists such as Dr. David Son, DDS in Irvine, CA, offer are sought out more than ever before. If you are searching for a biological dentist in the area near you who offers alternatives to traditional dental procedures such as mercury fillings or chemical teeth whitening, consider Dr. David Son. What Is a Biological Dentist? Many people have not heard of biological dentistry. The term biological dentist … Continue reading

Biological Dentist in your area! Irvine, CA dentist Offering Biocompatibility Testing

Dentist Offering Biocompatibility Testing in Irvine, CA Area

We are all different. From the way we look to our body chemistry, each person who inhabits this planet is unique. It does not make sense for a “one size fits all” mentality when it comes to dental treatment. What works for one patient may be detrimental to another, for several reasons. Dr. David Son D.D.S. in Irvine, CA is a biological dentist in your area who understands this and provides uniquely individual treatment plans for his patients. One such way he accomplishes such a personalized experience is through biocompatibility testing. What is Biocompatibility Testing? When you hear a dental … Continue reading

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