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Are you searching for a biological dentist in Irvine, CA? Dr. David Son, DDS, welcomes new patients!

Are You Searching for a 'Biological Dentist in My Area Irvine, CA'? Dr. David Son, DDS, Welcomes New Patients!

Biological dentistry, also referred to as holistic dentistry or natural dentistry. is becoming increasingly popular with patients. With so many individuals in the United States becoming more health-conscious, the alternative solutions which biological dentists such as Dr. David Son, DDS in Irvine, CA, offer are sought out more than ever before. If you are searching for a biological dentist in the area near you who offers alternatives to traditional dental procedures such as mercury fillings or chemical teeth whitening, consider Dr. David Son.

What Is a Biological Dentist?

Many people have not heard of biological dentistry. The term biological dentist is interchangeable with the term holistic dentist. Both will typically be used, conversationally, within the same context. The question remains: what is a biological dentist?

Biological dentists treat the mouth as a part of an individual’s more significant whole. Any biological dentist recognizes that the mouth is connected to the body, and any illnesses or diseases which occur within one’s body will be reflected orally (and vice versa). Factors primarily thought to be linked to one’s overall health, but not so much to their dental health, including stress, sleep, and diet, are being shown to impact oral inflammation and disease significantly. That philosophy means that a biological dentist is not just treating your mouth but is treating one’s whole health.

Natural therapies are a big part of biological dentistry. It does not matter if the dentist is diagnosing, treating, or just working to maintain a patient’s oral health. The entire state of the patient’s well-being is taken into consideration before treatment is decided.

What Makes a Biological Dentist Different from a Traditional Dentist?

Before looking at the differences between a traditional dentist and a biological dentist, let us look at some similarities. First, a conventional dentist and a biological dentist will have attended dental school and will have received their DDS or DMD degree. Like traditional dentists, a biological dentist offers conventional services, including twice a year cleaning, cavity fillings (although the materials used may differ), and periodontal disease treatment.

One of the most significant differences between traditional and biological dentistry lies in the approach taken to treatment. While conventional dentists find a symptom and treat it, a biological dentist will seek the present symptoms’ root cause. You can see an example of this in the treatment of cavities. A traditional dentist sees a cavity and appropriately drills and fills the cavity. A biological dentist will go further and inquire about behaviors that may have led to the cavity. What kind of diet does the patient follow? Do they consume alcohol? Are there possible hormone imbalances? Any of these could be an underlying factor leading to dental health issues and, when necessary, can be adjusted to promote better healing and prevention.

Another difference between traditional and biological dentistry involves the materials used for dental procedures. Some traditional dentists use materials that may not be biocompatible with a patient. Some dentists still use mercury. A biological dentist will use biocompatible materials and will never use mercury.

If you desire to learn more about biological dentistry and how it can benefit your health, schedule an appointment with Dr. David Son in Irvine, CA. To schedule an appointment, please call (949) 565-4929 today!

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Why They Choose Us

Dr. David Son

Dr. David Son - Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. David Son brings a wealth of experience gained over two decades as a top biological dentist to our practice in Irvine, CA. He is recognized as an exceptional dentist due to his expertise and qualifications, among which is training in biological dentistry from Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Switzerland: Dr. Son is one of the few dentists in California to have been trained at this prestigious biological dentistry institute. His expertise benefits patients who are seeking advanced biological dental treatments from a dentist dedicated to excellence.